Imene Tarakli is a Marie-Skodovska-Curie PhD fellow at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. She was granted the State Engineering degree in Electronics from the Ecole Nationale Polytechnique (ENP), Algiers, in 2020 followed by a M.Sc. in Intelligent System Engineering from Sorbonne University, campus Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, in 2021.

Her main research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Human-Machine Interaction and Signal Processing.

Currently, she is working on Cognitive Robotics in the Computing Department of Sheffield Hallam University with a vision of implementing children’s cognitive faculties on robotic teaching assistants.

This research aims to develop better adaptive and personalized teaching by studying the close collaboration of Artificial Intelligence, Educational Psychology and Neurosciences.


Prof. Alessandro Di Nuovo, Richard Moore


Sheffield Hallam University