Dimitri Lacroix is a cognitive psychologist (graduated from Paris 8 University in 2018) with a complementary degree in computer sciences (graduated from Tours University in 2019).

His current research interests include human-robot interaction, social cognition, and reasoning and decision-making during social interactions.

He did his master’s thesis in psychology in P-A-R-I-S (Probability, Assessment, Reasoning and Inferences Studies) research team of CHArt laboratory (laboratoire Cognitions Humaine et Artificielle), in Paris. His work explored the impact of the conversational context on decision making during interaction with humans or with robots.

After graduation, He worked as a research engineer for Angers University. His main assignment was to evaluate and improve the ergonomic features of a virtual environment intended for the cognitive and motor assessment and stimulation of dependent elderly people.

Dimitri is now a PhD student in the Applied Social Psychology and Gender Research group of CITEC (Center for Excellence Cognitive Interactive Technology), in Bielefeld. His research will focus on the influence of personalization on trust toward robots.



Prof. Dr. Friederike Eyssel, Dr. R. Wullenkord