PErseo summer school

on Service-Based and Cloud Robotics

20- 22 September2022, Palma de Majorca, Spain

Organised by: University of Manchester, Sheffield Hallam University, 

University of Naples and University of Balearic Islands.

The 2022 Summer School on Service-Based and Cloud Robotics will be organized by the PERSEO ETN European Doctoral Training Network on Personalised Robotics.


This will focus on service-based and cloud-robotics technologies to support the personalisation in human-robot interaction. Personalisation is important in robotics by enabling robots to adapt their behaviors to the users’ preferences, needs, and personalities. However, it requires a large amount of information and abilities for the robot to perform such interactions with people. “Cloud Robotics” is a solution to allow robots to exploit pre-programmed skills and attitudes available on the cloud and achieve multiple tasks while respecting users’ privacy and ethical questions.

The school will consist of lectures from international experts in the field and include many talks on cloud robotics, such as the internet of robotics things or cloud AI services. It will also include hands-on workshops on cloud AI and robotics systems such as IBM Watson AI Services and Noosware Cloud Robotics platform and speakers from the academic field who will give interesting presentations.

Organization chair:

Angelo Cangelosi (University of Manchester, UK)

Alessandro Di Nuovo (Sheffield Hallam University, UK)

Silvia Rossi (University of Naples Federico II) 

Pedro Guijarro Fuentes (University of Balearic Islands, Spain)

Local Organisation Committee:

Rahul Singh Maharjan (University of Manchester, UK)

Mehdi Hellou (University of Manchester, UK)

Speakers Lecture Title Video
Prof. Filippo Cavallo (Firenze University, Italy)
Prof. Michael Beetz (Bremen University, Germany)
Prof. Lucas Cordeiro (University of Manchester, UK)
Dr. Ben Kehoe (iRobot)
Prof. Praminda Caleb-Solly (Nottingham University)
Prof. Gabriel Oliver (Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain)
Prof. Tony Prescott (University of Sheffield, UK)
Prof. Irene Lopatovska (Pratt Institute, USA)
Dr. Ioanna Giorgi (Plymouth/Kent University, UK)
Prof. Elisa Rubegni (Lancaster University, UK)
Prof. Clare Dixon (University of Manchester, UK)