The Italian Capital of Culture 2022


“A Colorful Island off the coast of Naples” 

Procida is one of four Flegree Islands in the Gulf of Naples. The largest is Ischia, then Procida, Nisida is connected to the coast near Parco Virgiliano in Naples and the smallest of them – Vivara, which is currently artificially linked to Procida. To Isole Flegree does’t belong Capri lying on the other side of the bay, but all five are called the Islands of the Naplolitan Bay. For the reasons of tourism, however, the guides describe only the three most important: Capri, Ischia and Procida. 

A particular example of architecture generally defined as spontaneous, with a popular character (linked to the local community) which develops according to well-coded construction codes.

Among the most characteristic elements there are certainly the arch and the rampant staircase (or on the back of a donkey), and color (well-defined shades, assorted in such a way that two very similar neighboring houses result in similar colors, with the typical result of a polychromy.) According to tradition, this particularity derives from the fishermen’s desire to recognize their home even away from the sea.

Popular architecture is rooted in the territory with a particular and original urban planning scheme which, taking up development models of the time, mixes them in a synthesis linked to the local natural environment and material culture.

Discover much more, visit Procida during your stay in Naples. 

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